Migrated to new server. Just WOW!

Just wanted to say thank you! Today I migrated all my sites to a new server. All I did was a backup of all sites, copied over with scp and then did a restore on the new server. Worked so flawless, I could not believe. Only the letsencrypt data was missing, so apache did not start. Copied everything from /etc/letsencrypt to the new host and all was just fine.

Migrated everything in less than 2 hours, including the host system installation.

Thanks guys, for an amazing product.



That’s good info, thanks for sharing!

That Let’s Encrypt issue is one I think we’ll need to look into. That’s new enough that none of us have tested migrations with it enabled yet, so we’ll need to sort out a way to handle that a bit smoother.


Some information in relation to this. I had an AWS EC2 Instance running Virtualmin go for a Burton the other week. I rebooted for updates and it just packed it’s bags and sailed off into the ether. First time that’s ever happened to me on AWS in 5 years.

Anyway, everything on it was backed up nightly to AWS S3 via Virtualmin Scheduled backups, and I have a pre-loaded, pre-config’d AMI setup and ready for such an occasion. I created a new instance from the AMI, logged in, ran apt-get update & apt-get upgrade. Logged into Virtualmin and started the restore from my S3 backups. Everything was back online within I guess 5 / 10 minutes. Really fast, very impressive, I thought.

The only error was with letsencrypt from the restore. Which is understandable at the moment. The error in the restore process was:

Creating SSL certificate and private key …
… SSL website failed! : Failed to open /home/example.com/ssl_certificates/cert.pem.webmintmp.2509 : No such file or directory at /usr/share/webmin/web-lib-funcs.pl line 1397, line 1.

I went to Virtualmin > Server Configuration > Manage SSL Certificates and told Virtualmin where to get the certs from and it was happy again.

I’m pointing it out because it was there. Not as a criticism. In terms of getting a server online from scratch with GB’s of user data it was very impressive and much of that was due to Virtualmin.