Migrated from CPanel, but mail usernames changed to user.domain and not user@domain.tld

When I’ve migrated from CPanel backups in the past, the username is kept as the full email, so no disruption to clients email settings.

I have a customer today who could not login. When I tried his user.domain username it worked.

I checked other sites I migrated and they are all the same. I have to now give out new usernames to customers. I am positive when I migrated previously (I have migrated quite a few) the usernames stay as full email addresses. They were different servers though.

I thought Cpanel migrations kept the email as the username. Is this true, have I missed something?



Prior to performing the migration, you would need to go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain, and there set the “Format for usernames that include domain” option to “user@domain”.

That will only effect new domains though, so to correct the issue you’re seeing you would need to re-import those domains.


But if I set that option, wont that be for ALL future domains? I only want it for the CPanel imports. I am sure I did not do this before for other Cpanel migrations that were imported (to a different server), hence I thought Virtualmin takes care of keeping usernames the same. It should do of course, so people are not disrupted.

If I change that setting, then import, then change it back so new users keep user.domain will that be OK?


Yup, it’s no problem to temporarily change that setting during your migration, and to change it back after your cPanel migration is complete.


Ok, thanks a lot for your reply.