Migrate Virtual Server Migration from DirectAdmin to subserver is completly useless

Doesnt work. You can disable this option couse i see nothing is getting fixed here.
Add Servers
–Migrate Virtual Server
anything you do- nothing works for subserver

Really even new server doesnt work.
Failed to migrate virtual server : Missing user line to modify


Well, you have so many new threads open that I can’t really keep up with the issues you’re having :slight_smile:

But importing backups from other control panels is a frequently used feature, and should work in most circumstances.

That’s not to say that you aren’t seeing a bug of some kind, but we’ll need some info on what you’re doing specifically so we can do some troubleshooting and attempt to reproduce it.

Can you post a screenshot of the Migrate Virtual Server -> Import Virtual Server screen as it looks just before clicking the “Migrate Now” button?

Then we’ll be able to see what settings you have that aren’t working properly.

Also, let us know what happens after you click “Migrate Now”.