Migrate to new server, takes time, license issues?

I have my virtualmin server license installed 2 places right now. I just did this. I am migrating my websites to a new hosting provider. It takes a little time. I have to load each one in and make sure it is working. However now virtualmin is complaining about my license status. Is that going to cause me problems while I do this? As soon as I get everything moved over the old virtualmin server is going to get decomissioned. (should take about a week more)

From experience I can say that there won’t be any problems, especially now that you told the Virtualmin crew why you temporarily have the license on three systems.


Yup, Locutus is correct, that won’t cause a problem of any sort, and is also the method we’d recommend for performing a migration.

The warning message you’re seeing will go away a few days after the other Virtualmin installation is removed.