Migrate sites to new Virtualmin server with different set up

I have an (old) Virtualmin server with several sites running on Apache.
I created a new Virtualmin server that will eventually replace the old one. The new server runs nginx.

I like to transfer the accounts (files, mail, vhost, dns) to the new server. Can this be done automatically or will I run into incompatibilities, since the old sites are configures in apache and the new server blocks have to be created in nginx?

Have you tried the Import feature?

When I import a backup file (new format, single site) it does not create a nginx server block for it.
It looks like it only copies the config blocks of the old server not taking into account the set up for the new server. E.g. it created a apache vhost, while apache is not running on the new server.
I suppose the only way to make it work is to manually convert this (adding nginx server blocks).


The migration from Apache to Nginx would likely not work correctly, unfortunately.

You would have an easy time if you were considering Apache to Apache… in that case you could use these directions here: