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I am going to migrate one server to a new vps. Is it possible to move using the backup and restore in virtualmin. My idea was to take a complete backup and store it in our second server, install Virtualmin on the new server and then restore the backup
Will it be complete doing like this or must i also backup the config files

Or you could just install virtualmin on the new server then use the transfer domain function in virtualmin to move the domain(s)
virtualmin->domain->manage virtual server->transfer virtual server

Ahh I have not seen this feature. Make it even easier. Thanks

No need to backup the config files of the old Virtualmin server and restore to the new one. It is possible to backup a virtual server from any one Virtualmin system and restore on any other Virtualmin system - though if the two systems are alike in the OS and web server that they use, the restore is more likely to be successful without manual intervention.

@jimr1 is correct, the entire operation can be done quickly and in a single step.

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Thanks for that!

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