Migrate roundcube data

Hi all,

I’ve got a full backup of a domain in order to migrate it over to a new server but after import Roundcube doesn’t keep the old emails, just the new.
Is there a way to copy over the old data to the new server under roundcube?


Just an update. Under Users I can see all of them with their actualy email quota. It just doesn’t come those data under Roundcube and can see only the new emails.

Any help is really appreciated.


RoundCube uses IMAP to read email. And when using IMAP, it’s viewing the email from within the user’s accounts.

So, the question here is why aren’t the old emails available to you… and that’s odd, if the new emails are there, the old ones should be there too.

It’s possible that you’re just dealing with a Dovecot index file problem.

If you go into the home directory of one of the users who has this problem, you’ll see a directory named Maildir. Within that Maildir directory, there are a bunch of files beginning with the word “dovecot”.

You may want to try moving those files elsewhere temporarily… Dovecot will re-create them, which would hopefully resolve the problem you’re seeing.