Migrate From SendMail to Postfix


I’m searching a way to migrate from an old CentOS appliance, Bluequartz ( Centos + Dovecot + SendMail ) to a new Debian 6.0 with Virtualmin 3.90 GPL.

i’m not a linux admin, but from a quick search, the e-mail messages stored in the old server are in mbox format, while on the new server, the Postfix daemon works storing mailboxes in Maildir format.

Any advices on how i can migrate the email messages from the old server to the new ?

thanks in advance

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If you don’t have too many mailboxes, you could always use a protocol that’s meant to do such migrations natively: IMAP. :slight_smile:


I used http://untroubled.org/mbox2maildir I think, or something similar when I moved from BlueQuartz. You can also switch everything to use the mbox format, but the maildir is much better in almost every way.


Since you’ve migrated from a bluequartz box.
How did you accomplished to export the users to the new server ?
You’ve just recreated by hand o using some script ?

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In case this might help you: Virtualmin has a batch creation feature for email users where you feed it a text file which contains the required info for one user account per line. Consult the “Create new user” page for details.

Automatic conversion from the existing accounts to Virtualmin is probably not achievable, but this semi-automatic method with batch creation might help.

I use the export user list feature in the GUI, that exports a tab seperated file, and with some work in excel & bbedit/textpad Its in a format that virtualmin can use to create users. The only thing it doesn’t do is export the passwords.