Migrate big virtual server, optimize transfer

Operating system: Debian
OS version: 10

Hello, i would to migrate a big virtual server (150gb in total) , a lot of email account.

now if i need to migrate i use classic procedure:

  • move mx record to an unused ip (my ip with blocked all incoming ports)
  • virtualmin backup-domain --dest ssh://newserver…
  • remove mail from domain feature and disable it (on old server)
  • virtualmin restore-domain --all-domains --all-features --source /virtual-server.tar.gz (on new server)
  • move mx record to new server

work like a charm.

but this is a big virtual server, in old server (cpanel) i lauch transfer/migrate today and tomorrow when i relaunch cpanel only “sync” the last things so i can migrate virtual server in less time…

can i use a similar skill on virtualmin?

i would not use imapsync because then i need to import all setting by hand (create email account - forwarder - ask to customer all password - import roundcube - ecc … )

thanks for your patience and advice

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