Migrate a wordpress blog from a subfolder to the main site....


I have a blog on http://www.haigmail.com/blog and I want to move it to be http://www.haigmail.com.

Is there an easy way in virtualmin to do that? or do I have to backup the blog and then uninstall and reinstall it?

I would really appreciate help.




Can Virtualmin do that for you? No, sorry :slight_smile:

But do you need to backup and reinstall WP? No, it’s not that bad!

You should be able to tweak a few WordPress settings, and then move things.

My suggestion would be to hop onto Google, and do a search for “move wordpress blog”.

There’s a whole bunch of HOWTO’s on that which should get you going.


Hi Eric,

I am happy to migrate it and I am sure I could find many how-to’s but will virtualmin still be able to automatically update wp when new version are released.



Ahh, good question – you would indeed also need to tweak the Virtualmin Script Installer config file for that installation.

To do that, go into /etc/webmin/virtual-server/scriptlog/DOMAIN_ID/xxx.script, and tweak the settings for that install that you’re looking to change.

Once you change the config file to match your changes, Virtualmin should be able to continue managing your WordPress install.


Thanks dude I will give it a go.