method that can do backup as I do copy

Thank you.
I am using well web server by VirtualMin.

Used scheduled backup to standby server.
Could see that folders that can not know in compressed file are made much.

I want to know method that can do backup equally as I do copy.
I hope web site whole files that they can do copy by incremental method.

I want to know method that MySQL DB backup files can copy periodically.

Or, I want to know whether is efficient to do web site backup if use Cluster Copy Files.

Your English is a bit hard to understand, but I’m guessing you mean that in the backup archive, when you open it with some file manager, you get dozens of strangely named subdirectories with one (or just a few) file(s) inside each?

That’s an effect when you open a tgz archive with a slightly incompatible file manager. Happens e.g. when you try to look into the backup archive on a Windows machine. If you use Linux to open the backup files, you should see the correct directory structure.

Yes, your words exactly correct.

I found that the gz files should try extracting in Linux.

I’m sorry, my English is poor.

At first I tried extracting gz file in my Windows pc.

This time, I tried extracting gz file in my Linux Server, confirmed that directory structure shows as it is.

Thank you for your kindness answer

From now on, I’ll take a look at MySQL backup.

Thank you very much.