Mess in virtual server dropdown


I needed to fine-tune some things in Webmin/Virtualmin files and I edited some files in /etc/webmin/domains/ manually. After going to Virtualmin, I realized that several virtual server names in virtual server dropdown got duplicated, several others crippled ( turned into myse… Now my virtualmin virtual-server dropdown looks like a complete mess, what should I do? :frowning: Where can I edit the values shown in the dropdown?

Thanks in advance,


Well, it’s hard to know what you changed exactly, so its hard to tell you how to undo it. I’d perhaps suggest simply editing the same files, and putting the ones causing trouble back to the way they were…

In the case you mentioned above, if you see “myse…”, that generally occurs when a domain name is too large to fit, the “…” signifies that part of the domain name isn’t being displayed to allow it to fit.


Well, the problem is that when I manually change some values in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/12586XXXXXX or any other file where virtual server settings are stored, virtual server gets duplicated, e.g. when I change a value of dns zone (dns=0 to dns=1) Webmin creates another copy of my virtual server but with respective changes in it. So, I presume that if I will try to change my values back to initial ones, Webmin will create yet another (THIRD!!!) copy of this virtual server, wreaking even more havoc in my virtual-server dropdown menu… :slight_smile: So, no, it doesn’t sound like a good idea…

Ideas, anyone? :slight_smile: