Memory usage and CPU Load history in WebMin?


Is there a module in Virtualmin / Webmin that would allow me to see the CPU Load and Memory usage in hours / Days? I want to monitor the memory usage and CPU Load over time.

Also, I noticed when I installed VirtualMin + WebMin, my memory usage was about 497 MB, now it’s 627 or so, and I haven’t updggraded anything, I just created 5 virtual servers, is that the reason? I’m planning to add 14 more small websites to my VPS so I’m thinking I may run out of Ram Memory? I only have 1GB.

Thank you!


System statistics over time is one of the fancy features that Virtualmin Pro offers :slight_smile:

There’s other tools out there which can do that though – including Cacti and Munin, amongst others.

However, many daemons increase in size over time. They get smaller if you restart them. So if you restart Apache and BIND, for example, I suspect you’ll see your memory usage go down.

You can find other ideas for optimizing memory usage here: