memory caching question

I have a client with a dedicated server that is getting very busy. it is beginning to strain disk i/o but ram is only 1/3 used. I would like to start caching as much as i can in ram to alleviate the pressure on the disks. Any pointers on how to do this under virtualmin gpl?


Well, a lot of websites can be setup to cache their own pages as static HTML rather than PHP… that can make a huge performance impact.

You may also want to look into PHP caching, such as APC.

Memcache can also do caching – it caches database queries and such, which can take a lot of load off of MySQL.

Those are a few of the simple things to start with… there’s certainly a lot of options to explore in the realm of performance improvement.


what does virtualmin support…anything? I’ve had bad experiences going outside of webmin/virtualmin’s structure so hence the question…:slight_smile:

Well, none of those are directly supported by Virtualmin… but they also don’t interfere with it :slight_smile:

It should be no problem to use a caching option that’s supported by your web app… or a PHP caching module… or memcache.