mediawiki in Virtualmin on Centos - help?


I am a Centos and Virtualmin newbie, I use Fedora (7 as of this writing) on a
routine basis for my desktop, Centos 5.2 for a server. I have installed
Virtualmin GPL to manage the web sites. For one site only I’d like to add
mediawiki. When I use the Centos add/remove software menu and search for “wiki” I
get only Tomboy, which won’t do. Has anyone got relevant experience you can
share? or a pointer to instructions for a successful install?

Many thanks,


Hey Dave,

Unfortunately, most web apps don’t have RPM/DEB/Ebuild based installers available.

It’s generally a semi-manual process where you download the app source, and follow the instructions they provide. In the case of Mediawiki, those are here:

The trick comes in remembering to keep it upgraded and such, but that doesn’t have to be too bad if you join perhaps an announcements mailing list.

However, that’s one of the problems Virtualmin Pro tries to tackle with it’s Script Installers feature.

You certainly can manage Mediawiki on your own, but some people like the convenience provided by the automated installation and upgrades that the Script Installers offer.

Have a good one!
-Eric<br><br>Post edited by: andreychek, at: 2008/10/02 19:46

Fedora does have an rpm solution, Centos doesn’t, so I wound up following the instructions as you suggested. Works fine.