mcrypt and PHP5 install/enable

What is proper procedure to add mcrypt?

Ronald was kind enough to point in the right direction.

To Install mcrypt go to Webmin/System/Software Packages Module.

In the "Install a New Package" section click the "Package From Yum" radio button.

Click the Browse Yum button.

A new page will appear.

Enter mcrypt in the field and click the "Find Packages Matching" button.

A list will appear.

Click on the php-mcrypt entry.

You will be taken back to the Software Packages Module page and php-mcrypt will be in the yum intall field.

Click the install button.

Ta Da!

I tried the procedure described but no packages found :frowning:

Install it via the EPEL repo

If above doesn’t really help (like it did for me since I am not that experienced) here is a step by step guide: