Max upload filesize


We host many Wordpress websites that use the Visual Composer plugin.

When customers update to a new version of Wordpress the Visual Composer plugin must be updated. They can upload the plugin by Wordpress, but the filesize is more then 2 MB.

The default upload_max_filesize for all customers is 2 MB. Do we have to change this manually for all servers or is there a n other way ?

We have the free version.

Thank you.



I think you may have to change for all servers not unless you it set or have it set where all the servers use one global php.ini configuration file. (Assuming if you’re referring to PHP upload_max_filesize since WordPress is made from PHP.)

If you want to change it globally, it would be under Webmin > Others > PHP Configuration.

You could then click the Manage button next to the ini file you want to change (for example, if you use fcgi, you could click the button next to the CGI option). After that, click the Resource Limits button and you can change the desired values there and then click Save.