Max size of a message

I recently had a user who needed to receive an email larger than the 10mb that was set in ‘Max size of a message’ in so I increased it so that they could receive the email but that increased the email size for the entire server.

Is it possible to set the size of an email received by an individual user?


That’s not supported by Virtualmin, though it apparently can be made to work… this post here suggests it can be done using a Postfix policy service:

An example policy service that might handle that is Policyd:

Thanks for the reply. I was more interested in weather on not it was possible from in webmin/virtualmin and had I missed where to set it if it was. Thanks for confirming that it is not possible at this stage. Maybe it could be added as a feature in the future if lots of others want it. In the mean time the larger ‘Max size of a message’ is working fine.