Master & Slave DNS

I am planing my setup, I have 3 hosting servers today and one dedicated slave DNS and now I will be adding more hosting servers, I think I would like to run one dedicated Master DNS for all the hosting servers Is this not the right/best way to go ? If I have webmin/virtualmin on all server how can I adjust the hosting servers to use one master, so if I create a virtual server on any server it will create a record on the master and slave.
If I run a master dns on all hosting server I must register them all at the registrar this cant be the way to go?

How are you guys doing this?


you can take one domain and register the nameservers for that domain.
masterserver: -
masterserver: - 123.456.456.456
masterserver: - 123.789.789.789
slaveserver: - 123.456.789.123

for each masterserver add the slaveserver.
now all 3 servers can be found by it’s dedicated IP and by the slave.

I don’t see how to use only one master nameserver and one slave and have multiple masterservers in the air without them being registered and announced to the world.
(In above scenario it is possible by working with A records on one of the masters, but I wouldn’t run a server solely on an A record.) That would take also extra look-ups. and if the masterserver goes down-all other server would only depend on the slave=not good

Each server has a name and an IP which needs to be announced to the world.
That is why you register the nameserver

I’m doing something like this. I setup and to be cluster slave servers on a couple of boxes, using

Then I modified the dns template in virtualmin to list those servers as the primary and secondary for any virtual domain that’s created.

To the virtual domain, the hostname is still the primary nameserver, but to the world, only ns1 and ns2 show as master servers. I’ve checked this setup with the tools at and it isn’t raising any caution flags.