Master & Slave DNS server


I have two servers running Virtualmin, Server A is the primary DNS server, Server B is the secondary slave DNS server. Both servers host websites which are controlled by their respective Virtualmin/Usermin installations. When adding a new Virtual Host to Server A the appropriate DNS records are automatically added to Server B, however if I add a new Virtual Host to Server B I cannot find a way to create the primary DNS records on Server A, does anyone know if and how this can be achieved?

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The primary DNS records on server A, when you create a new vhost on server B? Oookay, first question, why exactly would you want to do that? :slight_smile:

I think there is a plugin that has something to do with that, named “Slave DNS Domain”… But generally I think you’d probably rather want to create the master zone on the server where also the vhost is located.

You can easily use server A and B both as master and slave nameserver, by mutually adding the other to the list of managed remote hosts (under Webmin -> Webmin -> Webmin server index) and then to the BIND DNS module as a “Cluster Slave Server”. That way you can have the master zone on the respective server where the vhost sits, and automatically use the other server as slave.

If there’s another good reason why you can’t do that, let me know and I’ll dig a bit into that Slave DNS Domain plugin.

That makes complete sense, for some reason I was thinking that one server had to be the primary and the other the slave, rather than both acting as, well, both. Thanks for the heads up, this is now working perfectly.