Master and Slave DNS in the same server


I have successfully installed Virtualmin in a Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS.

The server (initial) hostname is ns1.(ourdomain).com and it’s working fine as the master DNS and Virtualmin.

But I want to know how can I create the ns2.(ourdomain).com in the same server, without having to create another server (virtual machine) to be the slave DNS (at least temporarily).

I have additional IP’s for this purpose, if necessary.

Did I have to create a new virtual server with this sub-domain?

Thanks in advance!


Well, if it’s all going to be on the same server – I’m not sure I’d setup any sort of master/slave setup.

You can simple have and each point to two different IP’s on your server.

So line as BIND is listening on both IP’s, that would work just fine.


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