Mass Ftp transfers bomb out.

Im use to being able to select multiple directories full of files on my side, and a bunch of single files and transfering them to my old server (when I was hosting with someone else), now when I try that it stalls, no matter which ftp program I use on my windows laptop. It seems the most I can transfer in one go is about 9 to 12 files and thats it. Which makes it difficult to transfer whole sites.

Any clues what I need to do to fix this. Also pasv mode doesnt seem to work, it connects says List, and sits there.

Suse 10.0 virtualmin pro

Hey Adam,

I’ve never seen this problem, but I’ll look into it here on my test SUSE 10.0 to see if it happens here.

You might try the suggestion I made in the PASV discussion of opening up the high ports…this might make your FTP clients behave better. But nonethless, I think mass-transfers ought to work with either active or passive.