Mass Change Users

I have searched and could not find anything similar.

I have a need to change passwords on roughly 400 email accounts in a single domain in a virtualmin environment.

Is there any way to do that in a similar fashion like the batch create users?

I would like to keep it in a way so that virtualmin still knows the correct password for backup purposes.

EDIT: forgot to add that this is Virtualmin GPL 3.76 on Ubuntu LTS 8.04.3


There isn’t a way to do that using the GUI… however, with just a bit of shell scripting, you’d be able to solve that problem using the command line tools.

If you run the command “virtualmin” on the command line, you’ll see a list of all the options.

You can list all the email accounts within a given Virtual Server by running “virtualmin list-user --domain DOMAIN_NAME”.

Also, you can change the password of an email user by running “virtualmin modify-user --domain DOMAIN_NAME --pass NEW_PASSWORD”.

Then, with just a little shell script magic, you can tie those two together and automate all of that :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the response. That will definitely be a lot easier than the gui. I don’t have any experience at shell scripting, however, so I may still have to do this by hand.

If anyone has any examples that I got build off of for a script, it would be much appreciated.