Masked redirect

Heres examples of redirect and Masked redirect. In some services help pages its written how it works.
Where to find same functionality in Virtualmin?


Hmm, are you perhaps looking to implement proxying?

You can configure proxying by going into Server Configuration -> Edit Proxy Website and Proxy Paths.


Andrey, I have the “Edit Proxy Website” on my CentOS VPSs, but not on my Ubuntu. I instead have “Edit Forwarding Frame” in my Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. Which by the way, shows nothing when used…

What am I missing?

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 locally and installed VirtualMin and I I have a “Edit Proxy Website” in there. What am I missing?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: Figured it out!!! Thank you Andrey. Here’s the link: