Mariadb Version 11.02 not displaying data in Webmin

Ubuntu 22.04.2
Have been keeping up with mariadb updates, as they roll out, and under Webmin/Servers/MySQL Database Server, I was always able to access this area after an update. Just installed mariadb version 11.02, and verified that it is up and running via command line and also via PhpMyAdmin. However this time in the Webmin/Servers/MySQL Database Server area, I get the following errors/warning, and am not able to see database info:
The MariaDB client program /usr/bin/mysql does not appear to be the correct version. Webmin only supports MariaDB versions 3 and above.

The command /usr/bin/mysql -V returned :
/usr/bin/mysql: Deprecated program name. It will be removed in a future release, use ‘/usr/bin/mariadb’ instead
/usr/bin/mysql from 11.0.2-MariaDB, client 15.2 for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using EditLine wrapper

This is not a big issue for me, as i rarely use this area of Webmin, but this will likely need an update in upcoming webmin versions.

I have the same issue, I tried to change config to mysql=/usr/bin/mariadb but it still shows:

The MariaDB client program /usr/bin/mariadb does not appear to be the correct version. Webmin only supports MariaDB versions 3 and above.

The command /usr/bin/mariadb -V returned :

/usr/bin/mariadb from 11.1.1-MariaDB, client 15.2 for Linux (x86_64) using readline 5.1 

I would wonder if you should be using a version of mariadb that is newer than the packages supplied by your os however given Maria’s financial difficulties we may be back to mysql next year

True about updating non-OS sanctioned versions, and a hopeless issue with me to have the latest stable version of just about any software. I only switched in January to Mariadb (from MySQL 8) since it is the default DB for countless Linux distros and also Webmin/Virtualmin. I do wonder if MariaDB will survive with only community support, should paid support go away. What direction will Webmin/Virtualmin and Linux distros go, should MariaDB go away, PostgreSQL SQLite, MySQL? Likely MySQL, but who knows.

Did the same (config change), but likely more logic involved to get MariaDB to use the new file. Per the post from jimr1, it may be a moot point down the road, depending on if MariaDB survives.

MariaDB Corporation is only peripherally related to MariaDB the project and foundation. Monty isn’t even significantly involved in the company, anymore. The database isn’t going anywhere and there are several companies providing enterprise support for MariaDB. It is better supported than MySQL was for most of its pre-Oracle existence.

It’s very unlikely MySQL will ever become the default database in Linux distros, or the default database in our products, again.

Have you read the balance sheet ? Doesn’t look good reading

Good to know that you believe MariaDB will remain viable, despite all the financial issues they are having. I really do not follow the financial aspect, but rather how much a product is used by the vendors/distros/users, and MariaDB is the defacto standard for nearly all the Linux community.

Since converting earlier in the year from MySQL to MariaDB, I have had zero issues with MariaDB, except when I get ahead of myself with updates. Kinda like Onofre PHP updates always being ahead of the regular repositories for many Linux OS’s. I’ll wait for Webmin/Virtualmin to catch up to MariaDB 11.x, and hopefully will be able to access via Webmin, if needed. Right now I can access/import/export all databases, tables, etc via command line or via PhpMyAdmin, so we are good for now.

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