Mandriva 10.2 supported

Hi all,
I’ve just performed the first successful installation of Virtualmin Professional on Mandriva Linux version 10.2. The new version EA2d of the script now provides easy installation on this platform.
A few caveats:

[]It’s been tested once. I’m sure there are bugs, possibly even stupid ones. Let us know what they are in the bug tracker. I’ll be doing more testing, but a couple of users were in a hurry to get this platform supported, so I’ve rushed it out.[/]

[]It only works on the i386 architecture. Don’t bother trying to install it on x86_64 yet. I’ll rebuild for 64 bit boxes as soon as possible. Please let me know if having an x86_64 version is important to you, and I’ll push it closer to the top of the todo list.[/]

[]The installer uses urpmi. urpmi doesn’t seem to offer any mechanism to automatically answer “y” that isn’t “force”. I’m not sure of the implications of “force”, so I haven’t turned it on yet. Thus, urpmi will ask you questions during installation. You must answer them affirmatively for the installation to complete successfully. Sorry, I’ll try to make this quirk go away soon. The good news is, of course, that after installation, you’ll be able to use your OS-standard update tool to update Virtualmin components.[/]


Questions and comments are welcome in the bug tracker, customer issue tracker, and the forums.
By the way: Is anyone wanting this for 10.1, or can I instead focus on the upcoming new version? Our policy is to support the most recent two revisions of each distribution, but with the new release coming so soon, I’d hate to spend time supporting a platform that no one needs. Speak now, or forever hold your peace (or until you wanna speak later).