Managing quota when server homes are not on root drive

My root drive, where /home is located, is too small so I added another filesystem and mounted it at /home/data1 and enabled quotas.

I moved (using the setting in ‘Change Domain Name’) some of my virtual hosts there, but virtualmin does not report or set the quota for this new filesystem. I can manually set quotas in webmin, but while I expect they will be honoured by the O/S, they are not recognized in the virtualmin gui.

Is it a limitation of virtualmin that it can only handle quotas for servers whose home accounts that are on the root filesystem? If not, any suggestion on how I change the configuration so that it will?

Cheers, Dave

Bump: this question is gaining relevance due to options for block storage and object storage being increasingly offered by service providers. Can Virtualmin not correctly handle two /home directories on different file systems if virtual servers are moved using the setting in ‘Change Domain Name’?

As far as I know, nothing has changed - ie. it does not support moving the home directories and retaining the quota function.