Managing e-mail accounts in usermin

Maybe I’m just missing something here, but is there not a way for usermin administrators to add/edit/delete e-mail accounts for the domain? I can’t find this option anywhere.


I’m sorry, I realized too late that this should have been posted in the Virtualmin forum. :frowning:

I see by the Virtualmin forum description that this functionality is possible - but I’ll be danged if I can find it.

Hey Alison,

Yes, this is handled by Virtualmin, as you’ve ascertained.

Your domain owner needs to login to Webmin as an administrative user (the only admin user by default is the domain owner account–usually named after the domain).

If you’re using the new Virtualmin Framed theme, there will be a menu on the left-hand side of the screen with “Manage Users” and “Manage Aliases” links. The first allows addition of mailbox, FTP, Subversion, database, etc. users (generally just mailboxes, but flexibility is what we’re all about).

If using any of the other themes, they’ll need to browse to Servers:Virtualmin Virtual Servers, and then they can click the name of the domain, or the “List…” link under the Users or Aliases column. In the first case, they’ll then need to click the “Edit Mail and FTP Users” button.

Note that you, the administrator, get to decide whether your domain owners have these privileges and how many addresses/aliases are allowed to be created. This all determined by the "Edit Owner Limits" page for the domain in question. You can optionally allow the domain owner to do lots of things: create and manage databases, add new sub-servers, install scripts, manage Mailman mailing lists, manage Subversion repositories, create additional administrators, etc.

There’s a lot of power in the Webmin ACL system and Virtualmin works it hard. :wink:

Holler if you have any trouble making any of this work. We’re happy to walk you through anything that you can’t figure out. I know the functionality is vast, and the documentation more sparse that it should be (but don’t forget that every option, almost, has a popup help window). The good news is there’s a new OpenACS wiki that I’m experimenting with on the devel server, which I’ll be integrating my book and all of the Virtualmin docs into soon, and hopefully a lot of cool documentation stuff will be made possible (search, user comments/edits/additions, plus the ability for me to write new docs without having to do any processing or uploading as I’ll just browse to the site and make a few edits and it’ll be live instantly).

Hope this helps!