Managing Customers, not Managing Domains

It seems to me that Virtualmin is about managing domains. However, we manage customers. And, one of their assets includes domains. But it also include lots of other things (like design orders, and more).

When I get a new customer, we create an account for them. We get their phone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail and fax addresses, a list of contacts who are authorized to talk with us over the phone and ask for changes (if they know the PIN code), and so on.

I’d like to store this information in Virtualmin. Right now, the top-level server is at the top of the tree. But, logically, the customer info should be at the top of the tree, right? All domains would then be under the customer account.

Is there a way to modify Virtualmin to store this kind of information at the top level and have all domains be under that? If not, I request that you consider doing so because it would allow all of us to manage our customers as well as the domains we host.

I’d like to hear of any approaches that I can take right now, even if they’re not the ideal solution. Thanks!

virtualmin is a tool to manage webhosting.
you need a tool for customer relationship management which is something totally different in its approach.

you would like a framework as and have that integrated in webmin with some api

While I see Webmin as a tool for low-level server management, it seems to me that Virtualmin does an excellent job of adding a layer on top of this that includes an implicit notion of a customer. And, the additional layers it provides also includes the notion of reseller that is also a customer of a sort. I’m suggesting that instead of having an implicit notion of a customer, that Virtualmin be extended just a little bit to make that notion explicit.

I think that a minor barebones addition to Virtualmin that stores customer information with top-level servers would enhance its value significantly to those who, like us, want to use Virtualmin as part of running a hosting business. I’m looking at the developer guide now and will consider adding this as an addition because it is important to us. I’ll also look at the link you provided.