Manage webmin module access for servers?

Is there way to manage/customize on a per virtual server basis, what the admin user has access to?

For example, what if for a particular virtual server, I want to not allow them to access the items under "server configuration", and not allow them access to select items under Services, and want to disable some of the Webmin modules?

Here’s the list of features currently available to a server admin now on my system:

It depends. Some things are either on or off for all virtual servers, while others are available on a per virtual server basis.

You want to have a look at “Edit Owner Limits” in the Administration Options menu for what is available to you on a per virtual server owner basis. The relevant section is “Edit capabilities for virtual servers”. Note that “Allowed features for server” actually turns a feature on or off…it doesn’t decide whether the user can manage it.

And then, for the rest, have a look in Module Configuration->Webmin modules available to server owners and ->Extra modules available to server owners.

We’ve slowly but steadily moved more and more of this kind of stuff into Server Templates and per-virtual server based configuration, so quite a lot of it is now available on a per-user basis. But, there’s still a few bits and pieces that haven’t made the move into finer grained control (nobody has really asked for it, so it hasn’t happened; we do what folks are asking for the most).

Thanks Joe. There it was right in front of me the whole time, and I missed it…