Manage Virtual CPUs Issue

Hello, I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this or it is a Cloudmin issue

If you set up Xen so that Dom0 has specific dedicated cores with kernel option dom0_max_vcpus, say you set this to 4, Cloudmin in Manage Virtual CPUs will only show 4 cores available to use, when in fact I have 24. This would suggest that Cloudmin reads Dom0 for the number of cores rather than the true amount. Is there anyway around this or is this a fault?

Noticed this too. We’ve got a new box with 32 CPU cores and have set dom0_max_vcpus=4 on the kernel command line in grub.conf. Cloudmin also sees just 4 CPUs on the system. You can always open up the VM config file and set however many cores you need. I suspect this is a bug in Cloudmin.

/proc/cpuinfo shows 4 cores, but the nr_cpus param in the ‘xm info’ output correctly shows 32. Cloudmin is probably looking at /proc/cpuinfo


I’ve asked Jamie for some input on this, we’ll see what he says!


This is actually a Cloudmin bug - it should be using the number of CPUs from “xm info” if it doesn’t match what /proc/cpuinfo says. I’ll fix that in the next release.