Manage SSL and Postfix/Dovecot

My question is if under a specific domain and I choose manage SSL and click the add ssl to postfix and dovecot, does it add it to the cert to the postfix file or does it overwrite what is there.

In other words do I need to add the ssl for each domain on the server in order for the email secure connection to work for that domain?



Unlike Apache, Postfix and Dovecot can each only have one SSL certificate per IP address.

So if it’s a shared IP address, copying in an SSL certificate overwrites the existing certificate on that particular IP.

In the case of a shared IP, what you’d typically need to do is use a central domain name of some kind (such as your company name) as the primary SSL certificate, and then have other domains on that same IP use the central domain name for accessing email-based services.


Thank you Eric, that is very helpful.