Manage Database 404


I’ve just discovered that my Virtualmin install now won’t let me manage any databases. Every time I try, I receive a 404 error

Nothing has changed and the system is fully up-to-date running Debian 9

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




Someone else just reported a similar issue here in the Forums – could you create a bug report regarding that in the support tracker?

I unfortunately haven’t been able to reproduce this, but with a bug report in the support tracker we can get Jamie to take a closer look and sort out what’s going on there. Thanks!


Hi Eric

I’ll do that now, but I’ve just noticed it’s dependant on how the feature is navigated to. For example:

Edit Databases -> Manage (under Actions) -> Drop Database << This works


Edit Databses -> Click DB name -> Manage Database -> Drop Database << This elicits a 404

So it looks like it’s not actually a core problem, just a navigational one



In the meantime, you can manage your database/s in webmin>servers>mysql database…

I am the other user with this issue and I whilst in also cannot use virtualmin for database management without 404 errors, I have no problems when I use webmin to do it.

Mine only started doing this recently after an upgrade from GPL to pro.

I suspect it could also be Mod security causing it but in all honesty I am not sure because I can’t find this error in the logs