Making room for 3rd party web app on port 80

So, on my system (Ubuntu 20.04) running Virtualmin and Webmin, I have (to my surprise) successfully installed Wiki.js configured to use PostgreSQL. Fabulous.

It works.

But, it’s bound to port 4500 as that’s what I chose, knowing that Apache is using 80 and 443.

Originally I was using Jekyll to publish a flat file knowledge base (rudimentary) to It seems that Wiki.js is going to be much easier to manage.

I have a few sub-domains that I don’t want to interrupt, but I do want the Wiki.js site to be accessible at without a port designation.

QUESTION: Can I do this? If I use mod_proxy in Apache to redirect to localhost:4500 does that show up in URL in the user’s browser or does it remain as just the domain…or, does it matter, as long as the user can just type in the domain to access the wiki…?


It will show up as just the domain, without the port.

It really does not matter; indeed there are fewer moving parts which could break if you use domain:port

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