making quota works under vserver or strange partitions schema


on virtual min/webmin we had some trouble getting the quota accepted.
Virtualmin try to find the device and use the directory ( /home) and not
the device (/dev/hcvX) so it fails in the vserver. To make this work we use a little
wrapper to the repquota etc… commands. I updated it by a more
intelligent version. Here is the link for those interested:

ps: the explanations are in french but you can copy/paste the script there on my latest version. this is rather trivial to use.

you just change in webmin config the quota command by adding the before like in: repquota -u -v

instead of

repquota -u -v

it solved all problems for us so far, any comments/idea are welcome :wink:

– Cordialement, Ghislain ADNET. AQUEOS.

sorry the script didnt seem to work for me. how can i test it from the command line.