make administration group error!! Help please.

I’m running OpenSuse 10.3 and i had installed webmin with virtualmin module. Successful installed and working all services. problem is when i try to add some user and domain, i get this error :

Setting Up Virtual Server
In domain
Creating home directory …
… done
Creating administration group mp3svet …
… failed to create administration group!
Failed to create virtual server : Critial feature Administration user was not properly created - Virtual server creation halted.

This one is a FAQ. Turn off nscd and disable it on boot and this problem will go away.

nscd serves cached group and user data, and so when Virtualmin tries to update data during the creation it comes back as a non-existent group. It’s bug-like behavior in nscd that it negatively caches this kind of data.

Hello, thanks for replay on my error. I fixed. Now i get reinstalled many linux os in hope that i will run Virtualmin Panel normal. Now i success all just i get DNS (nameserver) working but, when i add some domain it dont resolve to my INTERNET ip, it resolves to my NAT Ip.

More explaination : I’m running linux Suse 10.3 for server and have a laptop with Windows. I’m networked with NAT, and i have redirected some main ports on linux box i.e ( 80-apache, 113-mail, 53 dns… ) Now my NAT ip for linux is, when i add domains i type : host for example… and i get resolved to And i need to be on INTERNET ip not on Lan/NAT ip.

in /etc/resolv.conf i have 2 nameservers of my connection and third is How to make that My domains get’s Internet IP and that BIND works propertly on NAT. I did it once when i had ubuntu but i dont know how. Please if you are expert please help me i’m big fan of VirtualMIn and if i fix this on all my servers main hosting panel will be VirtualMIn<br><br>Post edited by: agresor, at: 2007/10/26 08:50