Major Spam Issue

I need some help. I need to modify the email delivery for virtualmin.

I need to set it up so if a user does not exist at all the email is just dumped into the /dev/null. Right now as long as a domain name is hosted the email goes through the email process tell it gets to user based rules.

Any one have any ideas on how to pull this off.

Hmm, I don’t believe what you’re describing is typical behavior.

Typically, when an incoming connection is received, and that connection states whom it intends to deliver an email to – if that account or alias doesn’t exist, it would be rejected right then and there, even before the email is uploaded to the server

If that’s not the behavior you’re seeing, that may be the result of an alias or catchall that points to a non-existent account. You may want to verify that the addresses in question are setup correctly.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend using catchall addresses at all, they just cause trouble and tend to be spam magnets :slight_smile:


OK, well lets say I want to disable a bounce back for the non existing users.

I unfortunately don’t know how to disable bounce messages at that point in the process; the easiest way to handle that is to make sure that if you have an alias, that it’s destination exists. And to not use a catchall address at all :slight_smile:

However, I imagine it’s possible, I’m just not certain of the specifics… you may need to poke around on Google, or ask on the Postfix mailing list.

You may end up getting the same answer from them though, that you shouldn’t use catchalls and to make sure your aliases exist :slight_smile:

I am curious though, what’s the output of “postconf -n”? We can make sure your setup looks normal, that nothing is missing that would prevent all this from working.