Main virtual server name is only numbers


Today I logged into Virtualmin and my primary virtual server name is just numbers. I’ve searched around the forum to see if I can find any info and found a couple old threads, but none helped me. All the sub domains have the correct names.

Any idea how to fix this?

Every year or so, we hear about this happening, and it’s been a thing (that happens almost never, but still happens) for years. I don’t know if Jamie has ever figured out what causes it. I’ve never seen it myself and never been able to reproduce it. The numbers are Virtualmin domain IDs (probably, if it’s the problem I think it is).

First thing, though, we need more information.

What Linux distributiona and version are you running?

What version of Virtualmin?

Was this restored from backups? How long ago did you install Virtualmin and what did you do around the time it started happening?

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the response. You may be correct about the issue you are thinking. Former posts around the forum have similar issues. I found the same numbers in the map.* files.

Sorry, I left out the important bits. Currently, I’m running on CentOS 6.9 and Virtualmin 6.0. I noticed this when I did a full image restore of my VPS on my host (not Virtualmin) when BIND wouldn’t start due to a bad host file. I did go and attempt to restore the backup, but received an error about quotas, so I restored the damaged host file manually. I didn’t catch if it was like that when I first restored via VPS restore or if it occurred after I attempted Virtualmin restore.

Also, if I try to restore my backup, I receive the error “Checking for errors in backup … this backup cannot be restored : Original parent virtual server does not exist”