Main domain management?

I have virtualmin setup and working fine. But the main domain I have it installed on isn’t in the list to manage. I can’t add email addresses and stuff due to it not being in the list.

If I try to create it, it says:

Failed to create virtual server : The DNS domain ( is already hosted by your DNS server

How do I manage this domain?

You’ve got three choices:

  1. Import the existing virtual server. This is probably the right choice.

  2. Disable DNS for that virtual server. It’ll remain outside of the control of Virtualmin, but everything else will be configurable. If you also have a VirtualHost entry in the Apache config, and a virtual map entry in Postfix, this is not the right choice. Import it instead.

  3. Delete the zone, and whatever other configuration exists, and create the virtual server fresh.

Hi Joe,
I would like to join/add to this thread.
I am trying to do this exact thing, to import the domain
that I originally built the server on.
Login to Webmin–>
Servers–> Virtualmin(GPL)
Import Virtual Server–>
(At this point I fill in all the info for the import)
Click button to "Show What Will Be Imported"
What follows here is my results:

Import Virtual Server

Working out what will be imported …

Will create new administration user <admin> for domain.

Will create new administration group <importingdomain>.net for mailbox users.

Server is not accepting email for domain <.importingdomain>net.

No Apache virtual host matching <importingdomain>.net was found.

No Apache SSL virtual host matching <importingdomain>.net was found.

Webalizer is not set up for reporting on log file .

Can import BIND DNS domain <importingdomain>.net.

No ProFTPd virtual server for IP was found.

Logrotate is not set up for Apache virtual host <importingdomain>.net.

Will create Webmin user to manage this domain.

Can import virtual IP address on interface eth1:1.

Are you sure you want to carry out the import actions listed above in bold?

So my question is this, is the above what is expected?
If so, do I need to be concerned by the line "Server is not accepting email for domain <.importingdomain>net."?

The server works fine, but I would like to control it through Webmin/Vmin. This box runs mail, bind and hosts 3 domains.

Any input is welcome!

Howdy again,
if anyone has used the “Import Virtual Server” feature, could you kindly share how it went?
If you recieved any message that did or didn’t make sense as you proceeded and how the end results went??
Thanks for any input!