Mailserver on another server

Hello guys!

I’m new on virtualmin, but I’m liking to use that software much more than CPanel…very easy and flexible.

My question here is about to make a separate server for mail. I read about that and see that Virtualmin doesn’t support that feature, but I can install Virtualmin on both servers and add manually the same domain on that. Right? I will separate my setup:

  • Server 01
    Centos 6.x 64bits
    PHP-FPM (RealGecko plugin, thanks!)

  • Server 02
    Centos 6.x 64bits

Here is my questions:

1 - DNS Records are made all on the Server 01?
2 - DNS Slave are made on the Server 02? Just Slave right?
3 - MX Records is poiting to Server 02 IP?
4 - And about the SPF Records, how I have to do?
5 - DKIM Setup is made on Server 01 or Server 02?

Thanks for the atention, and sorry for the bad english.