Mailserver flooded with Spam

Hi all,

I have created a user in my mailserver using virtualmin few months ago.

Today, I am receiving 1000 of spam messages into my inbox.

Why this happening although ‘Check For Spam and Viruses’ is in ‘Yes’ state?

Is there any way to delete/cleanup that mail account?


Hmm, thousands of spam emails make me wonder if maybe one of your web applications had been compromised. It’s unusual to receive that much spam, even if SpamAssassin weren’t running at all.

What output do you receive if you run this command – this will show how many emails are in your mail queue:

mailq | tail -1

As far as how to clear your email account – you’d need to use a mail client of some sort, and remove the messages that you don’t want. You could do that with a webmail client like Usermin, or any desktop client.


Hi Eric,

When I ran mailq | tail -1

It showed,
– 17940 Kbytes in 677 Requests.

For your information I am keep on receiving. How to stop this as this is the important mailserver having hundreds of client. Please help…

Example of mail client received:
-Laguna Beach Live
-e-Cigarette Promotional Kit!
-The Flight Simulator that TV Studios use.
-7 Foods That KILL Abdominal Fat?
-Add More Power to Your Practice
-want to make money by winning lotteries?
-Get burial insurance online.
-two years as the top of the best lottery systems ever
-Owe $20,000 in Taxes? Pay $25

You could go into Webmin -> Servers -> Postfix -> Mail Queue, and use that area there to review the spam in the queue – you should be able to see the headers of the spam there, and determine it’s source.

You can tell if it’s being sent to your account from a remote server, or if it’s being generated locally on your server (which may mean it’s related to a web app on your server).


Hi Eric,

I just knew that the spam mail received in normal inbox. Not in Spam box.

But the client also receiving Spam in Spam box.

So how to avoid the unwanted e-mail flooding the inbox?

there is no “button” to disable spam. incoming mails go through filters, and get added extra header, which hold the proposed classification. adjusting these filters (“spamassassin” or others) and defining the folders where to deliver mails is YOUR job.

you may try “greylisting”, which will drop your spam-rates, but has the disadvantage of delaying the first mail from sender A to receiver B for some minutes…

if this is not sufficient, you may try “policyd”, which adds the feature of dns based realtime blacklists…

good luck,