Mailman v2 vs v3

CentOS 8.4:

Mailman I believe is no longer included in default setup/modules. However, you can still install it manually - which I did and it works as intended. Nice little interface via Virtualmin and I am happy as its simple and WORKS. The mail integration is also done for you, which helps people like me. However, it is version 2.1 the newer v3.x is a complete rewrite but does offer more features and (slightly) more modern interface. To install v3 seemed complex for a non geek as me.

Any plans to implement support for v3.x? Anyone using v3 outside virtualmin and is it worth it?

Unless and until there is a system package for it on our most popular supported distros, there is 0% chance we’ll work on it. We have to pick our battles, and packaging very complicated software that we don’t maintain is not a battle we’re equipped for.

If a package does appear in our supported distros, the odds of us working on it are still pretty slim. It’s really not very popular these days among Virtualmin users. Mailing lists lost to forums, mostly, so we’re more likely to work on making it easier to run things like Discourse.

If you do decide to install it, a quick search reveals there is a COPR for mailman3. zlopez/mailman3 Copr

That would almost certainly be smarter than trying to install it from source. (But, still not as smart as just using the system mailman package.)

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