Mailman URLs not working - Fix button not working either.

I got mailman installed and 2 lists up and working, but the URLs in emails and such do not.

The email announces one of the list URLs as:

There is nothing in CGI, and when I find the actual page it is:

The fix button at the bottom says:

Virtualmin has detected that 1 virtual servers have mailman redirect URLs that do not match the Virtualmin base URL like Click this button to correct them.

I don’t want it going to the webmin port at all, but to the first URL listed above.

I hit the button and Then I get:

Fixing Mailman URLs
Fixing virtual server to use
… done
Applying web server configuration …
… not running!

Nginx is running, but I don’t have Apache installed - is the script not set to use Nginx?

Otherwise, how do I solve this problem?