Mailman, Postfix through SMTP out for specific domain?

So I have a hosted client that uses mailman for their newsletters sent via a subdomain on their account. They are one of the few that send email through my server. AOL is blocking all emails from my server saying I don’t send enough email to have a decent IP reputation so send more emails to improve email delivery. BS if you ask me. Anyway, many of my client’s customers are AOL users and thus wants me to get this resolved. I’ve done everything I can with AOL to try and prevent being blocked, but they won’t budge because of the “lack of email history” bit. Wish they would just go away.

Anyway, so I’m trying to find alternatives. I thought about using a 3rd party service such as mail chimp but my client wants the ability to simply email the list address and have the list send it to the subscribers. They do not want to have to login to a web service to create and send out a newsletter. So that limits the use of any third party mailing list service.

So my thought was to maybe configure postfix to send the emails through gmail, which hosts their email via google apps. But I only want postfix to do so for this one client’s domain (as I don’t want all mail sent through my server going through their STMP account). Is this possible through Virtualmin?

So my ideal setup would be:

Send email to (hosted on my server)
Mailman passes emails distributed to subscribers to postfix
Postfix sends email out through Gmail SMTP but only for this specific client; all other mail would be sent through my server directly



Maybe this helps?

Otherwise Google should find you answers with “postfix relayhost per domain”.

I’ve installed the Mail Relay plugin into virtualmin that would allow me to configure that scenario. But, the problem is that the “mailman mailing list” feature is dependent on “mail for domain enabled” which cannot co-exist with “relay mail for domain” feature.

I guess I could manually edit the config files in an attempt to make it work.

Maybe I’ll open a ticket to see if the mailman plugin can be changed to be dependent on either one.

Yeah I suppose the philosophy is that you either want to deliver mail directly, or via (several) relays, but not both of that. If you ask the developers nicely, they might add an appropriate feature though to allow for what you intend. :wink: It does sound quite useful to me actually!