Mailman Mailing List Not Available on all Servers

Hi all,

When I go to webmin->servers->virtualmin mailman mailing lists, only some of the domains on the box are in the “Domain Name” drop down, thus, I can’t create a mailman mailing list for my desired domain.

What am I doing wrong?



Have you enabled that feature under your domain name? >> Edit Virtual Server >> Enabled features

I"ve looked there… Mailman mailing lists don’t seem to be an option there:

Here’s all that’s there:
DNS domain enabled? Mail for domain enabled?
Apache website enabled? Webalizer reporting enabled?
SSL website enabled? MySQL database enabled?
PostgreSQL database enabled? IP-based virtual FTP enabled?
Spam filtering enabled? Virus filtering enabled?
Webmin login enabled? AWstats reporting
Enable DAV logins?

Any idea what it’s not even an option?



Have you enabled ‘Mailman’ under System Settings >> Features and Plugins?

Cyrus - no, it’s not. Good Catch.

Which leads me to the real problem:

I can’t turn it on because is not listed as a name server. I manually add it to resolv.conf but as soon as the network config is applied, the loopback entry gets deleted.

This topic is also covered in a dedicated thread of someone else’s, but any ideas?


For some reason, When I create a server, I see the domain listed in the mailing list combo box, but if I go to, It doesn’t do anything. it sits there instead of showing me the mailing list webpage. Now, If I remove the virtual server, then it show the page, but then I don’t see the domain in the combo box. That’s the combo box where you go to create a mailing list. This is weard. can someone help?