mailman interface without admin password

Want to setup mailman mailing lists without requiring users to be a registered user of the site or have other administrative privilege.

I’ve tried all the links I can think of… Simply want to be able to send someone to a signup page where they can enter their email to be included in a particular mailing list.

But VM seems to intercept with a redirect which then requires a user/password.

Can’t a user simply be directed to a page to sign-up for an email digest?

To clarify… I want to be able to publish a link for people to sign up for an email digest/list by simply entering their email address. Seems that the default wrappers go through webmin which requires the person to login (but they won’t have an account). Hence seems the only way to add a new list member is via the *-request@url.dom with a subject of ‘subscribe’.

Of course, after they’ve signed up they should need passwords to change any info…

Is there a way to have webmin NOT use https? This particular site has no need for SSL and is shared with other sites that do NOT need SSL either.

So no options for this?

ok what you want to do is turn off the SSL option for webmin… although it is not recomended… yes it can be turned off in the webmin config area… click on SSL Encryption and turn it off should be the first line you see…


That will address part of the equation… I was hoping there would be an interface that would allow someone to enter their email address into a form and then simply have it submit to mailman. Of course, further adjustments to the email management would require login/password (non SSL) but was looking for a simple way (other than a mailto link) to let people sign up for a mailing list.

This is a non-profit site so they want to keep costs to an absolute minimum… Hence no SSL certificate.

If there’s a URL that can be used for that, I’d greatly appreciate knowing what the parameters are for it.