Mailman confusion

Hi all,

i am a little bit confused. I setup a new server with Virtualmin, latest version and added Mailman by with the apt-get install virtualmin-mailman thing.
Then i was able to create mailing lists. Unfortunately it seems like the emails being sent to the list never get through. Therefore i am wondering: Does Mailman create a new mailbox entry for postfix? When i click in webmin on Servers-> Read User Mail, there is no mailbox available for even one of my various lists.

I am pretty sure, that i am missing something; i have had mailing lists in my servers before some years ago and at that time it was only to select the option for installation, create a master list and then create the list and forget about it.

So, what am i missing?

This is kinda weird; and i am wondering whether the creation of a mailing list in virtualmin’s domain will also setup postfix as well?

I really appreciate your insights.

Thanks and best

PS: cannot see archives …/pipermail/… not found on this server …

no just you, me too.

I did a fresh install of virtualmin on a new hardware platform and using ubuntu 18.04.1. then restored the fresh backup of virtualmin from the old server to the new one. It did not provide mailman. I then (just now) used apt install and got an error -

Use of uninitialized value $miniserv{“anonymous”} in split at /usr/share/webmin/acl/ line 1922.

Anyone know about this? known issue?