Mailman and Virtualmin


I have virtualmin setup on Debian 5.0, my problem is i could not use port 10000 so i disabled SSL and used apache to reverse proxy.

Everything seems to work fine, however when someone subscribes to the list it sends out a URL to mailman interface that tries to redirect to SSL port 10000.

The Question is how do i change this?

Many Thanks, Dan

I’m not sure there’s a way to change that as of today – you may want to file a bug report so that Jamie can look into offering you a solution of some sort for that.


thats crazy! I got a dozens of people in a University and halls of residence waiting to use this, but that port appears to be blocked!

Is there a temporary solution IE. altering the mailman config…?

Well, again, I recommend filing a bug report so that you and Jamie can go over the details here :slight_smile:

You can do that using the Support link above.


Ive posted a bug report, thanks :slight_smile: