Hi, is there a default password for the default mailman server for virtualmin? I just tried to log in (never used it or configured it) and I got login failed, so it is not a password i set on the server. I click on reset password, and it says it was sent to the root account which is aliased to my main account (I recieve all of the other cron emails and updates to this account from root) but the email from mailman with the password never came in. any ideas?

Well, I don’t recall what the default is – it may be blank.

When you look in the email logs, do you see it attempting to email someone around the time you reset the password?

Mailman does come with a tool called mmsitepass (located in /usr/lib/mailman/bin/mmsitepass) that you can use to set a site-wide Mailman password.

But, if you find yourself needing to use it, that may imply something isn’t working right with the Mailman plugin, so I might recommend filing a ticket regarding it using the Bugs and Issues link below.

Eric, What is teh link to the ticket/bug tracker system so I can fill out a ticket?

It’s on the bottom of every page, labeled “Bugs and Issues”.