Mailing List

Hi there,

Another suggestion, along with IRC, perhaps a mailing list for people to join in to primarily receive notifications of new developments with Cloudmin. I’d sign up.

So, what is it that you’re interested in exactly? Are you asking for an announcement list of some kind?

And if I suggested that you could sign up for email notifications regarding anything that shows up in the News forum, would that do what you’re after? :slight_smile:


I’ve thought about doing a low-traffic newsletter (one-way mailing list) for announcements, and possibly links to new documentation and such…it’d get a message about once per week, whenever we roll something new out. Would that be useful?

I’m hesitant to make a traditional mailing list, as it would divide our support efforts out across so many mediums…and mailing lists have much lower participation than forums, in our past experience (Webmin is a very popular project, with millions of users, millions of downloads, and it’s been around for nearly 12 years…but the Webmin mailing list gets less traffic than the forums here; this tells me that mailing lists have too high a barrier to entry for folks that just want to ask or answer a few questions and then move on).

We do have a mailing list for all of our Open Source projects at

And one for developers on the Open Source projects at

Cloudmin, because it currently has no Open Source version (and may never have; we haven’t figured out how to differentiate in Cloudmin the way we have in Virtualmin), isn’t on-topic for those lists, though.

I’ve started the process for registering as a group at FreeNode so we can setup some official IRC channels (going back to your earlier message), though I haven’t heard anything back from them. I’ve tried this in the past, and it also failed then…so I’m not sure anyone is actually paying attention over there. I’ll have to see if I can dig up direct contact information for someone there.

Oh, and I’m hoping, but not certain, that the forums here will allow interaction via email in the near future. i.e., notifications will be able to be responded to via email and it will magically appear in the right place within the forums. Initial creation from email will probably never be turned on, though, as there are some spam issues to contend with.

A traditional mailing list did cross my mind, but what I really was after is more of a newsletter, yes.

Failing to get it going on Freenode, if you drop me an instance of Xen or CentOS with external access and port 6667 availability, I could get an IRCd up in no time.

To add to this, my reasoning for a newsletter was for being notified when new features have been added to Cloudmin. I am personally waiting for OpenVZ support and optionally a migration method from HyperVM. I can check these forums every day, but it’s much easier for me to be informed as and when it happens.

We can talk about this in IRC in just a moment (IRC is booming today! :wink: – but I agree, not having to come back here to check on things is certainly ideal.

There is a “News” forum, and I think (that perhaps I should check) that you can setup your notifications to tell you anytime something is posted to a specific forum. That might help you in the meantime.

But if you want an actual newsletter, keep bugging Joe – and perhaps get some folks to agree with you :slight_smile:


I think a newsletter would be great. I’m already on board with the idea. I just wasn’t really sure time spent maintaining it would be worth the effort; . Y’all may have noticed, I’m a bit overworked these days. :wink:

But, we have begun to take keeping folks informed about what we’re up to more seriously lately. Jamie implements something amazing and cool just about every week…but if nobody knows about it, it does nobody any good. So, I’ll add getting newsletter subscriptions management setup here on the website to my todo list.

In the meantime, if you subscribe to the News tag, you’ll know about Cloudmin the moment the new version comes out. You can do that by clicking "My Account>Notifications>Tags and then checking the “News” box. You can unsubscribe at any time. All new versions of our products are announced there, along with changelogs and such.